The season of joy, merriment, and gifting is round the corner. This festive season you become the Santa Claus for your loved ones by gifting some really cool, quirky, and innovative gifts. Here is a list of 10 best Christmas gifts to send home.
1. Smartphone Instant photo lab – We cannot deny that memories are relived best while turning each leaf of a photo album. So, give the best of both retro and modern era to your loved one by gifting the smartphone instant photo lab. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, this easy-to-use instant photo printer equips you to create classic polaroid-style photos from your smartphone or tablet. This gift will definitely make the day of a photo-enthusiast.
2. Personal calendar – Each day is a different story. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a calendar with photographs and dates that matter to you? Indeed, yes! Go ahead and surprise your loved one with a table top calendar that has their most memorable photographs and dates that are important to them. With this gift, it is rest assured that all dates will be remembered!
3. My diary – Isn’t it cool to have a diary that has your name or photograph engraved in it? Let your loved one make a statement with a personalised diary that reflects their personality. Whether a student, professional, writer, or just a scribbler – this diary is perfect for all!
4. Water garden – A symbiotic ecosystem – water garden is a combination of a garden and a fish bowl. You can have any small edible or decorative plant on the top tray and a fish on the bottom bowl. Interestingly, the process of nutrient absorption by plants from the water purifies the water for the fish. This creates a healthy ecosystem for the plants and the fish. This can be an intriguing piece of décor for home and office.
5. Beauty in box – Gifting a woman is generally regarded easier than gifting a man – maybe because of the varied options available. But, what matters is choosing the right gift. Well, a gift box with lotion, perfume, lip gloss, nail paint, and light make-up can never go wrong!
6. Something for the road – As the holiday season is approaching soon, road trips will surely be on the list of some of us. Pick up essentials and accessories like gloves, protective gears, foldable travel diary, and first-aid kit as a gift for the travel enthusiasts.
7. One for the library – Be it any occasion, books are the best gift for an avid reader. So, this season pick two books – one that belongs to the reader’s genre and the other that introduces a new genre to him or her. Let your loved one visit a new land of writers this season!
8. Canvas it – You may not be a canvas artist but you can always get your loved one’s picture printed on a wall-size canvas. A perfect canvas for the bedroom, living room, and even for the office cabin!
9. Trendy winter – Trendy jackets, mufflers, sweaters, gloves, and boots – who wouldn’t like it? Wrap up winter essentials and see the warm smiles on your loved ones!
10. Holiday escape – Give your dear ones a break from the everyday rat race. Book a package in one of the finest resorts and gift them a peaceful and memorable holiday.
Well, well, go ahead and choose what suits whom the best. With these gifts in your bag, you will certainly be no less than a Santa Claus this Christmas!