5 ways how EOMS make supply chain more efficient

How much time does it take to make a transaction online? 5 minutes? 4 minutes? All you have to do is select the product, add to cart, punch in your card details, and boom, you’re done. Even 5 minutes seems like a lot of time for all this! But the moment you hit ‘Buy’, several processes in the supply chain are initiated; processes that involve cooperation of hundreds of people, and cover thousands of miles. All just for one small package. Now imagine millions of packages that are shipped & ordered. Everyday.

Unlike your online transactions, where you get multiple attempts to type in your details correctly, a small error of even 1% in the supply chain can impact thousands of people. Truly, supply chain is a ruthless sector to be in. And that’s why it makes sense to employ the help of systems that do not make any errors. We’re talking about Enterprise Order Management System (EOMS). They are analytics & algorithm based systems that specialise in maximising efficiency of supply chain, from end to end. Here’s exactly how:

Improve order accuracy
Inaccurate order delivery doesn’t just cost your company’s credibility; it also costs you a lot of money, which covers return logistics, warehouse space and fresh dispatch. EOMS employs AIDC (Automated Identification and Data Capture) that ensure that the right package is dispatched to the customer. This way, the customer stays happy and so does your bank balance.

Keep a tight control over inventory
Managing inventory is a Herculean task, considering that an average warehouse can deal in several hundred-thousands of packages, daily. But if integrated with QR & Bar code scanners, the EOMS can maintain a real-time database of all the stock movement.

Leverage cloud data efficiently
Different processes in the supply chain generate different data. How to integrate them seamlessly without extra costs? EOMS. If all the data is linked to the cloud, EOMS can manipulate the data available and suggest solutions that are possible only by analysing the entire supply chain data.

Manage all accountancy work
Why go for a dedicated financial & account software when an EOMS can manage it for you? Thanks to all the real-time data on stock movement, balancing books becomes an automated process with EOMS. It can keep a track of all invoices, manage payments, streamline flow of cash, and even zero-down on cost-cutting points.

Help with executive decisions
An EOMS is the perfect partner for making critical decisions at executive level. It can be used as a powerful analytics tool. It can be used to derive performance metrics. It can be utilised for unearthing pain-points. All this critical data helps in making decisions for the long run.

If the supply chain is backbone that holds up the retail market, then EMOS is perfect corner stone to it. For as the world moves towards a more digital outlook, accuracy will be the benchmark that makes the difference in the market. Make sure your company doesn’t get left behind! Want to know more? Get in touch with DTDC.