With several breakthroughs in the Global Logistics Industry, the year 2018 is going to be a big one for this industry. Logistics industry has been on a roller coaster of changes for the last few years. Majority of these changes have been focused towards digitizing logistics industry. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the drivers for these changes have been the customers. To make the whole process seamless and convenient, and to improve the customer experience, almost all the segments of the industry have been improved. Let us look at some of the hottest trends to watch for in 2018.

1. E-brokerage platforms
In order to be more efficient, the call of the hour is to eliminate paper and manual process. To attain 100% digital processes, it highly recommended to partner with e-brokerage platforms offering automated processes, such as real-time bookings, offering rates, showing routes and schedules, track and trace availability. E-brokerage will make operations faster and more efficient.

2. Last mile delivery
One of the biggest trends from 2017 will continue in 2018 too, this trend is solving the delivery issues and making the process faster and customers happier. With the rise of e-Commerce, the expectations of the customers are also rising with respect to reviews, price matching, lots of shipping options, and fast returns. Retailers are bound to cater to these demands and offer quicker deliveries and more efficient supply chain. Last mile logistics are certainly going to be faster in 2018.

3. Sensors & IoT
No matter the logistics channel, using sensors to track and trace the route of goods is a good idea and seems like a big thing in 2018. It is also a way of utilizing the Internet of Things in Logistics. The information provided by the IoT sensors can be viewed on a map, so the position of the parcels can be constantly tracked. Furthermore, all required information on the shipment can be accessed.

4. Data-driven Industry
In the year 2018, logistics industry is speculated to be highly data-driven. For any business, data is their most valuable asset and the logistics industry now has access to more data than ever, the only catch is to utilize it properly. Analyzing and using the data properly will help the companies in predicting the customer’s demands and make the shipping experience better.

Overall, the trends in 2018 are a paradigm shift towards making the complex processes easier and customer experience better. These trends will prove to be useful in making eliminating the redundancy and making the operations more seamless and faster. To experience the power of technology & logistics, partner with DTDC. Know more here DTDC International