“Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story” – Steve Jobs

The first impression is always the best impression. Which is why it’s one of the most important factors to consider while building a brand identity. Getting your packaging right is as important as getting your product right. Especially, in the case of eCommerce brands. A product that reaches their doorstep is probably your customer’s first physical interaction with the brand. It’s not an easy job to turn a one-time buyer into a return customer. However, it’s a lot more possible when you offer quality products supported by interactive packaging experiences.

According to an e-commerce packaging study conducted by dotcom distribution, almost 70% of consumers said that brown box packaging has no effect on their desire to purchase from the same retailer again. Another report by Supermarket News states that 72% of consumers are willing to pay more for well-packaged goods. Additionally, 40% of consumers bought again from retailers who used premium class packaging. Hence, quality packing & delivering is pertinent to a successful order fulfillment process.

That said, here are some key factors to consider while packaging your products.

Attention to Detail

Little details make all the difference. Personalized boxes, the colors that are used, and the material in which you conceal the product will all impact a consumer’s product experience. Thus, personalized packaging plays a big role in manipulating the customer in your favor.


The above-mentioned e-commerce packaging study by dotcom distribution proves that most of the customers don’t prefer their product to be delivered in a simple cardboard box. Identifying and using appropriate boxing techniques will not only guard the product but also communicate a sense of value & prestige.

Thank You Notes

What if you order a book online and receive it on-time with a tiny handwritten ‘thank you’ note or a quirky bookmark? You’ll feel valued, right? This is what a consumer should ideally feel every time they unbox a package. Slipping in a handwritten ‘Thank you’ note or motivational quotes are a wonderful way to make your customer feel special. This will also ensure that they look forward to their next purchase.

Discount Notes & Coupons

Who doesn’t like discounts? So, why not insert a discount card or coupon code as a reward for their purchase. This will encourage them to buy more from your brand. After all, we all love return gifts, don’t we?

That first impression can make both your product & brand more desirable. Once you have chosen the right process of packaging, deliver your box of happiness through DTDC. We can now pack and deliver your product through our International courier service to over 240 countries. To know more, log on to www.dtdc.com